Local two player bug bar fight game. Throw punches, chairs, beer bottles at your enemy.  Curse your enemy.  Use influence of alcohols to may yourself more powerful, yet more chaotic. There will only be one survivor.

Programmer/Animator: Po-Chen Yang
Artist: David Yamato
Voice Actor: Nick Wrycha
BGM: John Michael Hunt
SFX: Arsen Gogeshvili

Controls for web (For PC, see input tab on start):

  • Keyboard
    • Player 1
      • up/down/left/right: wsad
      • basic attack: r
      • use item: t
      • special: y
      • curse: u
    • Player 2
      • up/down/left/right: up arrow/down arrow/left arrow/right arrow
      • basic attack: m
      • use item: ,
      • special: .
      • curse: /
  • PS4 Controller
    • Left axis for up/down/left/right
    • basic attack: square
    • use item: triangle
    • special: x
    • curse: o

Install instructions

This is a game generated by Unity. The controls works better with two controllers, but you could play it on keyboard as well.


BugLightSaloon.zip 18 MB


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Fun, quirky little multiplayer title. The background pixel art is weirdly nostalgic to look at, and the battle music is channeling Chrono Trigger something fierce. The inclusion of performance-altering substances is topped only by their hilariously exaggerated affects. Don't do drugs, kids!